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Environmental test room for ceiling heights up to 3.0m
This test room is designed for air distribution testing and for providing environmental assessments in accordance with environmental comfort standards ISO7730 and ASHRAE 55 using PMV and PPD calculations

It has glass walls on two faces to allow the mockup of corner and perimeter rooms. The temperature outside the glass can be controlled up to 40 deg C to give a real representation of conduction and solar heat loads.

- Introduction
- Active Chilled Beam Systems
- Passive Chilled Beam Systems
- Chilled Ceiling Systems
- VAV Systems
- CAV Systems
- Active Chilled Beams
- Passive Chilled Beams
- Chilled Ceiling
- VAV Terminal
- CAV Terminal
- Diffusers
Job Reference
- Maasland Hospital
- Ministry of Finance
- Rabo Bank HQ
- Babylon Development
- Pearl River Tower
- Library of Birmingham
- Southmead Hospital Redevelopment
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