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Environmental test room for ceiling heights up to 4.5m
This test room is designed to facilitate the testing of mockups with facade heights of up to 4.5m. The room is 7.2m long and 7.2m wide and has one wall covered with hot water radiators to represent the conduction and solar heat loads from a glass façade. This room is used to demonstrate the comforts levels according to ISO7730 with chilled beams installed at high level adjacent to a perimeter glass wall for the Library of Birmingham project in the UK.
Test Instrumentation

Air velocity sensors – TSI model 8475 Omni-directional air velocity transducers.

Air dry bulb temperature - PT100 type RTD temperature sensors

Air radiant temperature – Black radiant globes with thermocouple temperature sensors.

Relative humidity and - Delta Ohm Model HD 2001.1

Atmospheric pressure - Delta Ohm Model HD 2001.1

Water flow meters – turbine induction type

Data Logging - National Instruments data logging system with Lab View data logging software.

Data Analysis - National Instruments Lab View software.

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Job Reference
- Maasland Hospital
- Ministry of Finance
- Rabo Bank HQ
- Babylon Development
- Pearl River Tower
- Library of Birmingham
- Southmead Hospital Redevelopment
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